What our clients have to say:

We have been using Blackburn Digital Marketing products for over a year now and just renewed. We have been extremely happy with the results we’ve been getting from their reach and revisit program. We were a bit skeptical in the beginning, not being familiar with digital advertising, but our rep walked us through the whole process and how it works and how to get it working. We’ve been getting tons of click-throughs and leads from the digital products and we couldn’t be happier. We strongly recommend Blackburn digital products for any business looking to grow their online presence.

Alana Francis, General Manager Oak Barrel Cabinetry

As a Non-Profit organization in Sarnia, our resources are limited.  Blackburn Digital Marketing’s expertise has provided us with a very effective online campaign that has produced excellent results.  They take care of everything.

Hully Gully has been working with Blackburn Digital Marketing for the past few years and are very happy with the results.  We have seen an increase in traffic to our website due to the re-target marketing that has taken place with the option and flexibility to change our images and content as we need to. Jake and Shannon are easy and fun to deal with.

We’ve been using Blackburn Digital Marketing for quite a few years now. A lot of people say its really hard to gauge the effectiveness of advertising. But with Blackburn Digital Marketing you can actually see your traffic increasing. You can actually see it in the numbers. So at least I know my advertising dollars are put to good use.

Chris Parent Stricklands Automart

With the ever-changing digital advertising landscape, Blackburn Digital Marketing helps me stay ahead of the curve – with cost-effective digital advertising opportunities, which in turn, allows me to do what I do best – tires!

The Town of Saugeen Shores has worked with Blackburn Digital Marketing over the past two years, launching two engaging digital campaigns for the Port Elgin Harbour. We shared our ideas, target audience and campaign goals with our sales representative, who worked with his team to pitch a digital campaign to best fit our needs. We saw above industry average click through rates, and liked the flexibility of being able to change campaign imagery and target audiences throughout the duration of the campaign, based on results. Overall, it was an excellent, personalized experience that is customizable to the needs of the client.

Lisa Billing Town of Saugeen Shores

A couple of years ago we were reviewing our advertising program and how we spend our marketing dollars, with radio – paper and how effective it is. We were also looking at ways to promote our new Online Shopping and Delivery Service.

We got talking to our Blackburn Rep and they suggested we meet with their Digital Advertising Coordinator to discuss opportunities with digital advertising, at first I was a bit nervous about this program as I was not up to date on digital advertising.

We met with our Blackburn Rep and their Digital Coordinator and they helped us understand what options we had available to us. They created a custom Digital Plan for us and advised us on where the best spends would be to support our business. The nice thing was that there was no pressure – they were not pushy the decision was up to us.

So we decided to pilot it and try the campaign with one of our stores in the Owen Sound market. Within weeks – month we started to get people coming up to us on the street saying ‘hey your digital ad popped up on our phone’ – computer, you name it, and then it just built from there. We then launched it in our second store with great success as well.

In business – retail, you have to develop a niche, asking yourself how can you be different from other retailers, and educate your customers on your difference and services. This was a great way to get the message out there, with consistency and advertise our new Online and Delivery service we are offering.

Dr. Rondeau & Associates has been working with Blackburn Digital Marketing for a few years now and have seen incredible results from this partnership.  Our sales rep truly understood our goals and worked with us on creating a campaign designed just for our needs. Based on our results we saw incredible above average click rates that were beyond expectation.  The personalized experience, design team and sales rep truly kept an eye on our campaign and made suggestions for continued success.

As people go online more than ever to seek information and advice about their health, Blackburn Digital Marketing has raised our visibility online in our community and helped our pharmacy be at the forefront.  Their service was really simple to use.  I always knew I needed a better web presence but never had the time or knowledge to manage it.

Richard Kelch, Owner Northgate Pharmacy

The Reach and Revisit ads have worked well for Anchor Doors & Service Inc., with above average results on the click-through rate monthly since we have begun the program.  I would recommend this program to other companies looking to improve their presence on the internet.